Are You Ready To Create A Meaningful,
Soul-Led Business and Life?


Know you are here for something more but not sure what it is? 
Ignite starts with who you are and the work you are here to do… 

Ignite Life Purpose Plan is an individual study program with group support. You will reconnect to yourself, your passions, purpose and what you want in life, work and business. Create a clear plan so you can move forward and take action with confidence to create a meaningful business and purpose-led life you truly desire.

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  • You know you are here to make a difference and a change, but you don’t know exactly how.
  • You’re on the accepted path to success, but it doesn’t feel right. You're uninspired, stuck in a meaningless job and not reaching your full potential.
  • You know you want to do meaningful work you are passionate about but you’re not exactly sure what it is.
  • You’ve done work on yourself, your mindset, personal development and spirituality and you know they are part of the puzzle - but you cannot see how the pieces fit together.
  • You’ve tried some marketing, sales and business strategies but cannot get them to work for you.
  • You’re not sure what your purpose is or what you truly want from your work, business and life.
  • You have lots of ideas, you’re multi-passionate and good at many things but you’re not sure what to choose for a business. You want to turn your passions into a career.

Are you ready to get a deeper understanding of your purpose, your passions and your unique business plan?


  • Finding your purpose, meaning and passion are the first step. Then you need to align action and a clear plan to turn passion and purpose into a soul-led business.
  • Trying to fit into standard business models and strategies won’t help you create a meaningful, purpose-led unique business.
  • If a strategy doesn’t work, it’s because it’s just the wrong strategy for you. There’s nothing wrong with you and there never was. You just don’t know who you are and why you are here…yet
  • If you don’t, what you want, why you are here and the work you do, you won’t know which strategies to choose to get you there.
  • You don’t need another generic business, marketing or sales strategy. You need to go back a few steps, connect to your purpose and passions and create a plan.

My 3 Step Process

Ignite follows a 3 step approach based on three foundational pillars of the self, the soul and strategy.

When combined in the right way, they create a point of alignment. When you create alignment, you can move forward in a state of creative flow.



Develop an understanding of who you are and how you show up in the world, so you can connect to what's been missing.


Use the power of archetypes to explore your unique passions, skills and strengths as the gifts you are here to master.


Find a deep connection to your soul, purpose, passions, mission and values, so you have clear guidance to move you in the right direction.



Identify the stories, beliefs and blocks holding you back. Begin to cultivate the mindset of a business owner versus employee.


Create a clear vision of what you want from your work and business and where you are going so you can move forward with confidence and focus.


Create a clear, high-level business plan so you can confidently choose the right strategies and mentors and the right action at the right time.


That's where I can help.
I'm Liz Watt and this is...



  • Step-by-step guidance - Weekly content, Play Sheets and one-on-one coaching sessions that guide you to design a purpose-led business, easier and faster.

  • Ongoing support - Me supporting you to see your blinds spots and put together the pieces of your unique business puzzle.

  •  Frameworks to design a unique business plan - No generic strategies, one “right” way of doing things or approaches that will never work for you.

  • Start creating sooner - Clear actionable steps that stop wasting time, energy and money on the wrong things for you.

This is meaningful business design that integrates your soul, purpose, passion, profits and a plan!



  • You don’t need to spend years or tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure it out.

  • You don’t need to keep compromising yourself to try to make it work.

  • You don’t need to do it all on your own.

  • You don’t need to do it the hard way.


If you find yourself resonating with any of the following, then this program is for you...

  • You're stuck in a rut, feeling lost or that something is missing.
  • You're a professional wanting a career change.
  • You're an aspiring entrepreneur, creative or artist - and you want to make money form your passions.
  • You want to create a meaningful, purpose-led and profitable business that makes a difference in the world.
  • You are more than willing to take action, do the work and overcome challenges and obstacles.
  • You are ready to go deep and introspective and look at who you really are, why you are here and what you have to learn.


This program is NOT for you (and that’s totally OK) if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix or a generic “one-size-fits-all” formula to create a business plan.
  • You are not prepared to go deep and do the internal work to find your truth and overcome your blocks.
  • You are looking for a purely passive income, wealth creation solution or to create a business just for money.
  • You are not yet open to personal development and spiritual concepts such as purpose, intuition, ego and soul.


Ignite is one full payment of $997 AUD.
Or 3 x payments of $387 AUD.

A special Early Bird offer will be made to those on the waitlist.


When you join IGNITE Life Purpose Plan you will receive…

  • Step-by-step modules - Separate modules with detailed theory and step-by-step guidance to help you fully integrate everything you’re learning.
  • Play Sheets - Play Sheets to guide you through the your journey to find your soul connection and purpose.
  • One-on-one feedback - A group forum where where we review your work, ask and answer questions, identify and overcome blocks and get the support you need to keep moving forward.
  • Email support - Ask questions, get support and make sure you are on the right track as you go.
  • Lifetime access - You’ll have lifetime access to the Ignite course content, so you can revisit whenever you want.
  • Only what you need - This program is not inflated by bonuses and unnecessary steps and resources. It's curated to include what you need to get the job done as efficiently as possible.


  • Know your purpose and the work you are here to do.
  • Define what you want from your work, business and life.
  • Integrate your passions, skills and strengths into a unique business.
  • Build strong foundations to choose the right business model and strategies for you.
  • Identify your blocks and begin to cultivate the right mindset for a business owner and entrepreneur.
  • Design a clear business overall strategy and plan with actionable steps to move you forward.



The key to success is to create an intention and set yourself up for success!

Life is busy, and taking on extra study will take up extra time, you may not easily have.

Before you get started, you'll spend a bit of time setting up conditions to support your success in this program.

Modules in this section include:

  • Your Success Plan
  • Mindful Journaling

Section 01 | SELF

Your mind, body and heart are your tools to create in this world. 

When you become aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions you can begin to create a business and life you will love!!

This section looks at how you are showing up in the world, and what you want to create for your business and life. You will be guided through a process to uncover your skills, knowledge, strengths, and the roles you fulfil. You will consider where you are and where you want to go in business and life and what is stopping you.

Modules in this section include:

  • 01 | Identity - Who do you think you are?
  • 02 | Reality - Where are you?
  • 03 | Vision - Where are you going?
  • 04 | Blocks - What's stopping you?

Section 02 | SOUL

A meaningful, purpose-led business keeps you inspired and compelled to work.

This section uses the power of archetypes to guide you through a process of connecting to your essence, your purpose, the work you are here to do and who you are here to work with. This connection to your soul is what differentiates you from everyone else and becomes the compass to guide your business forward.

Modules in this section include:

  • 05 | Essence - Who are you really?
  • 06 | Purpose - Why are you here?
  • 07 | Mission - How do you work?
  • 08 | People - Who do you connect with?

Section 03 | STRATEGIES

Meaning, purpose and passion are nothing without clear, strategic and inspired action.

This section takes all the work you have uncovered about yourself and your soul, and designs a high-level business plan. You will work through the key elements of business to choose and design the right model, audience, brand, product, marketing and sales strategies for you. You will know exactly what you need to do to start bringing your business to life.

Modules in this section include include:

  • 09 | Proposal - What is your value?
  • 10 | Offer - What do you provide?
  • 11 | Exchange - How do you market and sell?
  • 12 | Implement - What is next?

I'll be with you through the entire process.

This process is based on frameworks created to help you uncover the right answers for you.

A big part of this work is introspective and can only be done by you. But I’ll be with there to look over your shoulder, help you see your blind spots and ask the questions you might not ask yourself.

While we work through an outlined program, we modify it as we go to work for you. We’ll move quickly through the aspects that come easily and focus on the places you get stuck. 

You don't need another generic strategy.
You need a flexible framework to figure out a unique plan for you!


Am I wasting my time? I’ve invested so much on programs that gave me no return.

It’s most likely you’ve been trying to squeeze your self into “one-size-fits-all" boxes that just don’t work for your personality. It doesn’t feel that great.

This whole approach is about exploring who YOU really are, and working with those characteristics, skills and traits to create a business that is going to work for YOU, and what you choose to create for your life.

Once you understand who you are and what’s going to work for you, this will give you a strong foundation to really know:

  • Where the programs and strategies you’ve previously purchased do or don’t fit it – and be able to let them go; and
  • Know exactly which programs, strategie are the ones you need to strategically invest in in the future.

I'm not very tech savvy. Can I still take this course?

There are a couple of things that make this course ideal, even for non-techies.

First, the course platform is very straightforward and easy to use.

Second, I have instructions to help you get started so it’s even easier!

And third, you can always send me an email and I can respond to your tech questions quickly.

How many hours should I set aside each week?

The program is broken into 12 modules. It is anticipated that each module takes about 3-4 hours a week, plus our one hour session together.

However, because we are all at different places, some modules may take less, and some may take more.

If you allow 3-4 hours a week you should be good, and if you need more time to stretch things out, that's fine.

How does one-on-one coaching or mentoring work?

This program is designed as a 12 week or 12 module process. However, I know that life gets in the way, so if you need to stretch this out at any point, that’s totally fine.

So here’s what you should expect.

You will get access to the preparation content when you join. Then, you can book a  one hour Zoom coaching session when you’re ready,

In each session we will discuss the work you have completed plus any questions or sticking points. Then I’ll introduce you to the new content.

You will receive access to the next week content, resources and work sheets after each coaching session. This is available in my online learning hub.

In between, I will be available to answer questions via email, so you don’t get stuck. Once you’re ready, you can book your next session, and we’ll repeat the process.

Ideally, sessions are designed to be booked a week apart but if you need more time or want to work through some sections faster, that’s fine too. This process can be tailored to you!!

How do I know this will work for me?

I know that everything I’ve laid out for you in this course works when you put in the work.

These are the core ingredients I’ve distilled down over the last decade to design and create a purpose-led business. I’ve tried and tested dozens of generic strategies and refined my approach to figure out what really WORKS vs. what’s a waste of time!

This process does require a lot of introspection and soul searching as well as understanding business from a  strategic perspective.

At the end of the day, all I can do is give you the information and support you through the process. It’s up to you what you do with it and how deep you want to delve and explore. But if you apply what I teach you strategically and consistently, you are guaranteed to see progression towards defining and designing your purpose-led business.

I can do this alone. Why do I need this program?

Of course you dan do this alone. But it tends to take longer and can be more challenging when done alone. This program is designed to give you a clear roadmap to overcome the challenges more quickly and have someone alongside you on the way.

I'm a professional. I'm educated. Shouldn't I know this?

When you’re smart, it can be really frustrating to feel like there’s something missing – like there’s so much stuff you don’t know.

Unfortunately, traditional education is focussed on teaching you the things – the skills and information – that are going to make you a good worker and help you get a good job.

It doesn’t focus on the softer, life skills that provide you an understanding of who you are. And it sure doesn’t teach you how to be an independent business owner that has total control over their destiny!

You haven’t done any thing wrong. You’re still super smart. You just need the pieces of the puzzle to pull all your education together – and they’re not that far away.

I’m really busy. I don’t know if I have the time.

This is such a common complaint…I get it. I’ve been there. You’re busy. With life, work, stuff, and things.

If you don’t have the time for this, chances are you’re spending a lot of your life doing stuff for other people, and fulfilling their needs, otherwise you’d have the time to put yourself first.

You can continue as you are filling your days with stuff that makes you too busy to do what you really want to do. You might end up another 2, 5, 10 years being busy doing what you’re doing and remain in the same place.

OR,  you can make a commitment to put yourself and your business first NOW. You can make a commitment to find a little bit of time and do just one thing every single day to move you forward, so that when you look back in 10 years time, you know that it was worth the work to create your own business.

It's totally up to you. You know I'm here when you're ready...

I need to check with my husband/ partner/ best friend/ psychic…

I need to check with my husband/ partner/ best friend/ psychic…

I totally respect an agreement between partners, when it comes to financial commitments.

If this is something you really feel you need to do, but you need to check with your partner on the grounds of finances, I understand.

But please consider committing today – on the grounds that YOU know what’s right for you and that person will love and support you in every thing that is going to help you grow.

It’s your call.

But if you feel you need to check with any one else in your life, then please take some time to sit back and really consider what feels right for YOU, regardless of what any one else thinks.

I still need to know more Liz…

I’ve done my very best to give you every thing you need to know about this program on this page - as openly, honestly and transparently as I can.

And... I'd love to have a chat with you to see if this program is right for you and how we can work together.

Click on the button below to set up a Discovery Call and let's talk.

You can also find it here - https://lizwatt.com/discovery


I'm Liz Watt.

I'm a creator, educator, author, and business and life designer. I am a Sage-Creator. 

I help smart, creative people uncover their true purpose and passions and design and create an aligned business and life. So you can make a difference - easier and faster. Because the world needs what you have to give. More than ever.

Outside of my work I love learning, writing, painting, yin yoga, beach walks, systems and chai tea. I am a perpetual student of life.

I have formal qualifications in business and architecture and twenty years exploring life as an architect, project manager, educator and design teacher. I have undertaken thousands of hours of constant independent study in the areas of human potential, online business, spirituality and much more.

I finally took a leap of faith to follow my purpose and create a life and business truly my own. I now have the privilege of supporting other smart, creative people to do the same.

You've made it to the end!


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