When you strip away the facades, obligations and expectations you’ve been trying to fill and decide to connect to the core of who you are… everything changes.

I know. It sounds crazy to think that most of us have no idea who we are. But when I ask you the question “who are you” what comes up? Do you really know? Have you ever seriously thought about it? Keep reading, and I’ll show you why truly knowing who you are and living aligned and authentic is a crucial step towards a life of purpose, meaning, freedom and joy.


[es-uhns] noun

  1. the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features


[ahr-ki-tahyp] noun

  1. an archetype embodies the essence of some model, pattern or type which naturally occurs and is repeated over and over. Archetypes are things we connect with and recognise intuitively and instinctively.


ESSENCE Archetype Starter Kit is a short, 7-module self-study program and process of self-exploration and reflection. You’ll explore archetypes, creative processes, imagery, brainstorming, fun and play to uncover and reconnect to the unique combination of qualities and characteristics that make you, you.

Imagine finding out who and what you thought you are is not the truth. That the things society told you were important and to work towards are not at all - and will never really make you happy. And that who you have to show up as in the world to have them will never feel good if it’s not you.

The way we are told life is, is only one way. 

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s because it’s not right for you - because that’s not who you are.


  • You don’t know who you really are, or maybe even what that even means. There feels like there is something missing in your life. Something feels off, but you’re not sure what. You have been defined by work, career, family or friends, but know there is way more to you. You’re not sure where you fit in the world and often feel misunderstood. You’re ready to stop and remember who you really are. You know you are here for something more. It’s time to find out…

  • You’re tired of trying to fit yourself into other people’s moulds. You're constantly trying to be someone or something you know you’re not. Living up to society and other people’s expectations of who and what you are supposed to be, or “should” be. It’s exhausting, unfulfilling. You’re done trying to fit yourself into the mainstream version of identity and success and hoping that one day it will make you happy. You’re ready to figure out what’s important to you and start living aligned with that. Regardless of what anyone else thinks.

  • You don’t know how to express yourself to the world. You have lots of ideas, you’re multi-passionate and good at many things but you’re not sure what you should be doing. You have pieces of the puzzle, aspects of yourself that have exposed themselves over the years - but often quickly been hidden or suppressed. You sense the remnants of your soul but don’t know how to bring them back to life, and make them real again. You’ve forgotten how to live as you…

I totally get it. I’ve been there too. Multiple times. Sometimes I still forget, then remember to go back to myself.

In fact, you know what has surprised me the most? In fifteen years of self-development and wealth creation seminars, searching for answers and truth and attempting to figure out who I really am.

The answer was with me the whole time.

The essence of who I am and who I always was and who I am meant to be was always with me, always inside. Only I kept looking outside. I didn’t trust myself. Because the world we live in is created to suppress your infinite, eternal soul, and keep you small.

It’s not your fault you forgot who you are, and lost yourself.

The outside world is not set up to help you remember.

Essence and archetypes are more than just a personality quiz.
They are a journey into your soul...



We’ve forgotten who and what we are. We strive to find ourselves in the external world.

We are all energetic souls having a physical experience in human form. Only once we get here we forget. We then spend a lifetime trying to find that missing piece in the outside world. Searching for fulfillment in status, things, money, other people and stuff - out there.

Only the answer of who and what you are lies internally, within. It is you. You are it.

You don’t need another career, more money, a better house, car or clothes. You don’t need to change, to find new friends or have the perfect relationship. You don’t need another mentor or guru, self-development course or spiritual practice. You just need to go back a few steps, connect to the essence of who you really are, and build from there.

We all have a sense of something or someone deeper within. Something bigger and wiser than our human self, guiding us, showing us the way. Trying, every day, to show us who we are and give us the answers to our path.

Why do we continue to look to the outside world for guidance and answers? Why do we ignore and fail to trust the voice within?


You’ve learned incorrect and unhelpful beliefs about what it means to be you.

Deep inside you know who you are. It’s the things you did as a child, that gave you joy. It’s the stuff your heart yearns to say, be or do - that you don’t.

But over years and a lifetime you are told to stop, no, go back, it’s wrong. Through no fault of their own, the people and the world program you to believe you are a finite physical form, the world is the way it is and there is only one way to live. 

You can’t make a living, find a partner, be successful in this world, if you are… YOU. The artist. The writer. The adventurer. The romantic. The soul.

People are trapped by fears of the consequences of not complying, stepping outside the mould, showing up and really, truly, being themselves. People are scared of denying the constructs of career, marriage, formal education, mortgage, religion, or other social, cultural expectations - but they are not you.

There is not one way to live. There are endless, infinite possibilities, limited only by your imagination.

Instead, we deny the yearning inside and settle for a life of mediocrity and sameness that is not your own.

Why do we continue to bend ourselves into moulds to make other people and society happy? Why do we deny who we really want to be in the world? Who we came here to be?


We seek external validation for who we are. We fail to trust ourself to know what’s best for us.

At times you know who you are. You feel it… deeply.

You do your best to express yourself to the world. To follow your path and go with the flow. But you are misunderstood, rejected, criticised.

You often cannot meet the obligations and expectations of the outside world. You still cannot get aspects of work or life to fully work for you… in ways you’re supposed to. When you are you.

So you compromise parts of your soul - and then the world approves.

Your true value is what you have to offer that others don’t understand. Your truth worth is exposed when you express the essence of your soul. There’s nothing wrong with you and there never was. You don't have to change to make others happy. You just have to stop trying to fit yourself into a system and world that doesn’t align with you. And likely never will.

Why do we fail to see our true value, worth and significance, in a world that suppresses our souls? Why do we seek for it to approve of us, when it can’t and never will?


Archetypes have existed throughout human history and express themselves in the myths and legends of gods and goddesses. Archetypes speak to us through myths, code and symbols. They create a lens and a perspective through which we can view, understand and experience the world with deeper, richer insight and meaning.

Archetypes are the repeating patterns, qualities and characteristics that express themselves in the physical world - and all of us. Archetypes are what allow you to know exactly what I mean when I say “ he is such a hero,” she is such a romantic”, or “they are such adventurers.”

You immediately, intuitively know the type of personality, qualities and characteristics that person exudes… No more words are required.

It is impossible to truly know and understand yourself and the world without first knowing and understanding the language of archetypes.

We all carry and express aspects of all archetypes, but to different degrees. It is the unique combinations of archetypes and how they express themselves that make you, you…

So which archetypes are you? What is your Major and Minor Archetype and your Archetype Mix?

I'm Liz Watt and this is...




When you join ESSENCE Archetype Starter Kit you will receive…

  • 2 x Quizzes - Strategically designed to uncover your Major and Minor Archetypes determine your unique Archetype Mix.

  • Archetype Hubs - Two central hubs containing your reports and additional resources for your Major and Minor Archetypes.

  • 7 x Online Video Modules - Walk you through a creative process of personal and soul exploration.

  • Play Sheets - Practical activities and exercises as downloadable PDF’s.

  • Transcripts - Easy to access downloadable PDF files of all video content.

  • Links, Resources and Tools - To help you explore your essence and express your soul.

  • Email Series - An optional automated email series to guide you - or not!!

  • Facebook Community - Ask questions, find support and upload your work at key points in the process if you want feedback from me.


This program is designed for your to explore it at your own pace. You can go as deep as you like, and take as long as it needs.

There are no fixed formulas. There are no restrictive rules. There are no right or wrong answers to anything. 

 There is only a framework and a series of prompts to help you uncover and explore your unique self.


If you’ve forgotten who you are and why you matter, this module introduces you to the power of archetypes. This is the first step to going inside rather than looking outside to find what you’ve been looking for. Module 01 includes…

  • Archetypes - Learn the history and power of archetypes and how they help you understand the world and yourself at a soul level.
  • Archetype Mix -Take your Major and Minor Archetype Quizzes and discover your unique Archetype Mix. Be reminded and reconnect to the archetypal patterns and characteristic that exist deep within you and are yearning to be expressed. Uncover your core strengths, weaknesses, archetypal journey and how your archetypes are expressed in life, work and business.


Essence is not just another personality profile and a box to try to fit yourself into. It’s designs as a prompt, a framework, a springboard from which to start your journey.

In Module 02 you will use your Archetype Mix as a prompt for a creative process that visually begins to define and express your personal, unique essence.

  • Archetype Board - Create a visual board that captures and explores your Archetype Mix through imagery, colour, creativity and imagination. Go beyond words and thoughts into emotions and knowing and begin to see your soul essence emerge in front of you.
  • Tutorials - Walk through the process of creating your Archetype Board. Don’t sweat the tech - I’ve got you covered!!
  • Checkpoint 01 - Get feedback or support directly from me on module 01 and 02.


Aspects of your Archetype Mix will resonate. Some not so much. You can see more pieces of the puzzle of who you are, you sense deep down how you want to live and show up in the world. But you don’t know how to pull the pieces together. Module 03 begins to do this as you to explore your Archetype Board and extract a philosophical framework for your life, driven by your archetypes:

  • Soul Identity - Who is your soul? A few key words that describe who you are so you know where to go when you feel lost.
  • Soul Personality - How do you express your soul to the world? Learn how to be you and find where you fit in.
  • Soul Emotions - How does your soul want to feel? Engage with what brings joy and ditch what doesn’t.
  • Soul Values - What’s important to your soul? Uncover a clear compass to guide every decision.
  • Soul Essence - What ties it all together? Find what’s been missing and never lose it again.

04 | MOOD

As you begin to see the core essence of who you are, come back to a creative process to produce a meaningful, visual representation of your soul mood. Module 04 includes:

  • Mood Board - Create one strong, powerful visual expression that defined the essence and mood of your soul - as a visual reminder to pull you right back on track when you feel lost.
  • Tutorial - I’ll walk you through the process of creating your Mood Board. Again, the tech is sorted!
  • Checkpoint 02 - Get feedback directly from me on module 03 and 04.

05 | BRAND

What if your soul were a brand? What would it be?

Whether you want a business or not, this step uncovers so much to consider about work that aligns with your archetypes, essence and how you express yourself in the world. Module 05 includes:

  • Brand Introduction - Discover the difference between business and personal brand and how your essence applies to everything you do.
  • Design Elements - Select your unique, aligned, archetypal logo, colours, fonts and imagery.
  • Brand Board - Bring it all together in a one-page snapshot of your personal or business brand, that create inspiration and guidance in business and life.
  • Checkpoint 03 - Get feedback directly from me on module 05.


What if you knew how to express yourself in the world in a way that truly aligned with your essence, your soul and who you are?

What if just by being you, you could find where you fit in, and feel accepted, understood and show up with confidence and clarity about who you are and where you are headed. Module 6 includes…

  • Expression - Begin to create a library of creative, imaginative images and resources to inspire you in every area of your life, work, home, activities and experiences moving forward.


Now that you have this information, what do you do with it?

Reflect on the work you have done, what you have learned and what your next steps are to incorporate this into your life and live more authentically. Begin to consciously express, experiment and explore your Archetype Mix and who you are so you can naturally begin to integrate this into your everyday life.
Module 07 includes:

  • Reflection - Use an introspective journaling process to reflect on your essence in yourself, your life, work, business and brand moving forward.
  • Next Steps - You should have a deeper understanding of who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Once you’re done, you can start to figure out your next step and how you’re going to implement this work into your life.



Uncover your unique qualities and characteristics that have been hidden or neglected, so you can find what's missing and express your true self.


Transform your uncertainty about who you are and where you are headed into self-confidence that can begin to lead you closer to your life purpose and mission.


Identify the roles people and society want you to play and stop trying to fit in to them, so you can live as yourself with more flow and ease.



Discover what works for you at a soul level and what doesn't, consciously get rid of "shoulds" and obligations and choose joy and happiness.


Discover who you are behind the facade of your work and career, redefine success and begin to moving in a new direction and redesign your life.


Express your archetypal and soul essence in a creative, visual format, so you can confidently create an authentic life, work or business that reflects you.



[seyj] noun

  1. a profoundly wise person; a person famed for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience


[kree-ey-ter] noun

  1. a person or thing that brings something into existence


I am Liz Watt
I am a Sage-Creator

I love learning, studying, researching, writing, curating and collating information. I love spreadsheets and analysis. I love journals and books, papers and pens. There’s always leaky ink on my hands.

And… I love making things. Physical, hand-made objects, things and even buildings and houses. Playing with paper, materials, fabrics, textures, colours, shape and form. Creating digital books, reports and graphic layouts. 

When these two things come together, I am finally in my bliss. I feel like I am home.

Creating systems and processes and ways of understanding.

Expressing information and understanding in a creative way.

Finding The Clues...

The clues have always been there, but I often failed to see.

  • The Sage - In the storybooks I made as a child, stuffed in a box in the garage. In the constant need to learn, and enrol in another course and another degree. The constant quest for knowledge and understanding, and the desire to bring it to order and remove the chaos. Never being able to stop once I mastered something and needing to explore something new.
  • The Creator - In the art classes I took at school that felt like escape from everything - but I stopped because they said I could not make a living. In the excitement of a career in architecture, the potential to create a better world, and the disappointment in the mediocrity that it turned out to be.

It was the power of discovering archetypes and the Sage-Creator in 2017 that reconnected me to the essence of my soul.

The journey since has been one of healing, reconnection and expansion. That is what I want to share with you...

If you find yourself resonating with any of the following, then this program is for you...

Personally, in your life …

  • You’ve discovered your Major Archetype, it makes total sense, and you want to know more.
  • You feel like something is missing in your life but are not sure what.
  • You’re tired of living up to other people’s expectations of who or what they want you to be.
  • You’re not sure what brings you happiness and joy, or what did - and you’re ready to find out.
  • You want to know who you really are and what that means!!!

In your work…

  • You know you are here to contribute something more but you’re not sure what.
  • You want to do work that is meaningful, makes a difference and brings you joy.

In your business and brand…

  • You want a business, and you are not sure where to start.
  • You have an existing business and brand but it still doesn’t reflect who you are and you don’t love it.
  • You want to create an authentic, aligned business and brand that is a true expression of you.

This program is NOT for you (and that’s totally OK) if:

Personally, in your life…

  • You are not willing to look at who you are and get to understand yourself - whether you like it or not.
  • You are not willing to try new creative activities, perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • You are not willing to make changes and step into the unknown.
  • You are not willing to let go of ideas and things you have previously created in your life and currently define you.
  • You are looking for someone to give you the answers.
  • You don’t like being uncomfortable and are closed to change.

In your work…

  • You don’t want to be invested in your work - you just want to make money and pay the bills.
  • You are not willing to do the internal work to create external change and the life you want..

In your business and brand…

  • You want a quick fix, one-size-fits-all business and brand.
  • You want a brand design that is done-for-you, by someone else.
  • You are not willing to do the inner work required to create an aligned business.


Essence is one full payment of $147 AUD.


Email me directly...


Everyone is different. We are all on our own unique journey. 

I can guarantee the results, insights and outcomes of this program will be different for everyone.

I can guarantee if you follow the process, do the work and are prepared to go deep and really explore who you are... you are going to come out with a deeper understanding and connection to yourself and your soul.  When you explore your archetypes, you will come out feeling free-er, more aligned and whole.

This work is intended as a prompt and an introduction to archetypes and yourself. It is a taster of what some of my other, deeper programs might be. I have put my heart and soul into this work, and there is so much value for your to uncover in yourself.

Only you can determine what this is worth.

As such, at this price there is no refund or money-back guarantee on this program.


Why no one-on-one coaching? I feel like I need a coach.

This is something I’ve grappled with myself, so I get it. Part of this comes down to living in a society that doesn’t help us trust ourselves. So we look to the outside and other people for answers.

But other people are no wiser than you, especially about you.

External answers and perspectives come to us through the filters of other people. They definitely must be considered, but ultimately you must learn to go inside for the ultimate truth. That’s what this whole program is about.

Also, I don’t see myself as a coach. I see myself as a content creator and educator.

A curator of information. Learning, studying, experimenting exploring, delving deep and asking questions. Simplifying the complex, and synthesizing the best information and processes. So that you don’t have to.

A true Sage-Creator.

It took me a long time to own who I am and not force myself to be a coach, consultant, spiritual teacher, business mentor, or any other label that external gurus and coaches told me I had to be.

If I thought I could coach you, and know what was best for you, that goes against everything I’ve learned. To be honest, coaches have never worked for me - because they often don’t understand me. (Not saying they don’t work. It’s just not my thing. I have found no-one has the one answer for me. I prefer to take pieces of information and put them together in my own way).

I definitely offer opportunities for your to share and discuss your reflections on what you’re creating and learning. I can give you feedback and support at any time. But I’m not here to give you the answers - especially about you.

I’m here to give you frameworks and processes to help you find your answers for yourself.

Am I wasting my time? How do I know this will work for me?

There is no one definitive answer that is going to provide you with everything you need for the rest of your life. No guru, guide, spiritual teacher or personality quiz can give you that. I cannot give you that. Neither can archetypes.

However…archetypes can hold key pieces to your puzzle and information to move you forward.

You will know if this program is right for you, because it will feel right. You will already have value and insights from your Major Archetype and you want to know more.

Once you know who you are, you can begin to design and create a life that reflects your essence and your soul.

Can I get a refund?

I’ve done everything I can to explain who this is for and what you will receive if you purchase it.

At this low price point, I have a no refund policy on this product.

There is so much work within this program, if you complete the process and do the work, you will receive massive value.

If you still have a questions that hasn’t been answered on this page email me at

Or, get a taste of what this work is like by taking The Archetype Quiz.

I'm not very tech savvy. Can I still take this course?

There are a couple of things that make this course ideal, even for non-techies.

First, the course platform is very straightforward and easy to use.

Second, I have instructions to help you get started so it’s even easier!

And third, you can always send me an email and I can respond to your tech questions quickly. We can jump in a quick zoom or chat if we need to.

How does an online self-study program with support work?

An online program allows you to study and work in the privacy and comfort of your own home – at a time that suits you!

You’ll receive an email with your membership details and access to the content for the entire program, as well as some follow up emails over the next couple of weeks - just to see how you’re going. It’s designed over 7 days but take as long as you like!

Inside the members area you have videos, Play Sheets, Resources and clear instructions for the steps you need to take. I will guide you through the process. 

At key Check Points you can upload your work to the Facebook Group and get direct feedback from me. Or, ask questions at any time. This is totally optional - this is very introspective work and yours to share or not. 

Once you’ve finished the program, you’ll have ongoing access to the content for the life of the program, so that you can review it at your leisure.

Why is this program so cheap?

This program is starting at this price-range because I want to share this information with as many people as possible. I believe that connecting to who you really are is the first step and a big key to living authentically, on-purpose and changing the state of the world for the better.

This is my way of helping that process.

It is also a taster of the work I do, that potentially leads into other, even deeper work around life purpose and purpose-led life design.

I still need to know more Liz…

I’ve done my very best to give you everything you need to know about this program on this page – as openly, honestly and transparently as I can.

This program can give you some deep insights into who you are and how you can begin to live ore of a life you love in a matter of days...

If you still really need to know more, then send me an email with the question you need answered at


Essence is one full payment of $147 AUD.


Email me directly...

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Not quite sure if ESSENCE is for you?
Get a taste with The Archetype Quiz.

Feeling lost and unsure of who you are or why you are here?

Know you are here for something more but don't know what it is?

Feel like something's missing, but not sure what?

Discover your Major Archetype and who you are at a deep, soul level!!

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